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A new day begins... 09.10.06

Ich glaube, ih schreibe heute mal auf Englisch^^

The weather is nice, the sun shines and there aren't many clouds anywhere. You could think that it's a good day at all. Well, me too, but the facts which happened yesterday weren't very encouraging. I ate so much crisps and cake that I ran to the toilet for the first time after I gave up my problems with eating. It was depressing because I thaught that I had control over me and my body. I was completely wrong. It's still a long way until I reach that situation. 'Til then I have to work hard.

Yesterday we were shopping. Yes, I know that it was sunday but some shops were opened in a city beeing near to our village. But I didn't buy something apart from a book and a dvd with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (I'm watching it a second time at the moment but this time in English^^) After that we went to a restaurant. Yuck! The good thing is that I have big stomach trouble at the moment so it was a soup for me.

Später zu hause hab ich mir dann den rest from grieß warm gemacht, war gerade mal noch ein Löffel voll. und dann folgte das desaster mit der FA. ich hätte den grieß schon nicht essen dürfen...naja, mehr als 100 situps hab ich nach dem kotzen auch nicht mehr geschafft. heute morgen hab ich cornflakes gegessen und werde schauen dass heute mittag das letzte mal was gegessen wird. jetzt muss ich erstmal aufräumen, ich will endlich mal alles perfekt haben.

Ciao, Rylie

9.10.06 10:37

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